Pluto Unlimited, is looking to jump into the world of commercial and residential real estate in smaller, growing American cities, and they are looking for funding from outside of the United States including in Europe and in several Middle Eastern countries including Dubai for investors and major funding. By strategically mapping out the last 10 years of growth, and the next 10 years of development, PU is ready to buy low and sell high in these booming cities and towns.

They have already raised over $12 Million from an Irish Angel Investment Firm. The American economy could collapse tomorrow, but there will always be at least 1 area advancing.

Knowing which city it is before it happens is the key, and that key could be worth billions.

The Pluto Daily launched in 2002 using a unique system of localizing advertising to a users IP address, PU was able to corner the several markets and almost have a monopoly in those areas as far as online advertising. This success quickly led to rapid advancement in similar avenues including mobile advertising, strategic product placement marketing, and the development of mobile and tablet applications.

Earlier this year, Pluto Unlimited announced that development was almost complete for Reign Hub. Reign Hub is a home appliance addition that will give households the ability to have rain water filtered and brought inside for use. Reign Hub was called, the best invention since sliced bread by the Charlotte Sun Times.

Now Pluto Unlimited is looking for investments into real estate in smaller cities across the United States that have a high growth projection. Using analytics, strategic mapping of growing areas, and several studies across the country, they have picked areas ready to boom.

Pluto Unlimited is looking into European, Asian and, Middle Eastern countries for funding of their real estate investments.

They are actively seeking $30 Million dollars, and have already put together $12 Million from an anonymous backer in Dublin, Ireland.

About Us

Pluto Unlimited  is a full service global strategic advisory, business development, and  systems firm that leads our clients effectively and  successfully  through the intersection of finance, politics and  strategic  communications.

Pluto Unlimited LLC Seeking Real Estate Investors; $12 Million Already Raised